Monday, 20 April 2009


Monday 20th April 2009


Apologies for the capitals, but I have never won anything in my life. The first competition that I have entered on my little quest, and I have won! For new comers to my blogs, I recently applied to every single job in the Guardian Newspaper dated 29/09/07 without receiving a single interview, and here I am on this one with a one hundred percent success rate. Much better.

Let me qualify this a little. I won one of the runners up prizes, which was two tickets to the opening day on Friday 24th April, and guess who is playing? None other than the Fozmeister.

I found out this momentous news when I checked our answer-phone messages. I called Potters Leisure Resorts back, and they confirmed that I had won the tickets, which were for the morning, afternoon, and evening session. They were sorry to inform me that lunch was not included, but I could buy some starting from £6.95- that seems very reasonable to me. I have to collect the tickets from reception on the day. They gave me a reference number which was 1,6**,***,*** (Last eight digits deleted for obvious security reasons-I don’t want anyone to turn up and steal my tickets). Does that mean there is going to be 1.6 billion people there?

To be honest I can’t see anyone that I know taking a well earned days holiday, at such short notice, to cart up to Norfolk to watch the opening rounds of a bowls competition, I may have to go alone, let’s see.

Hang on a second, Big Jim Lives in Norwich.

Big Jim is an old friend from college. He is called Big Jim because we lived in a house that contained two people named Jim, and Big Jim was; well, bigger than Little Jim. We were very, very clever back then. So I phoned his mobile:



Oh pants, that means he is abroad and will probably not be around to make it on Friday. Nevertheless he answered and was surprised to hear from me. He was in Spain on holiday. I explained that I would be in Norfolk on Friday, and obviously would have liked to have taken him to the bowls with me, but obviously if he is in Spain, I wouldn’t expect him to come all the way back.

Guess what? He was flying back in on Thursday night. He agreed that he would come, and he would pick me up at Norwich Station on Friday Morning. So Big Jim and I are off to the bowls.