Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sunday19th April 2009

I have not heard anything from the good people at the Bedford Today. You can’t blame them really. I mean, I didn’t offer to pay for their post or anything. I have also not heard from the bowls competition. However, the closing date for entries was only on Friday, so I expect to see by Tuesday whether I will be off to the Potter’s Leisure resort to obtain Paul ‘Fozzy’ Foster’s autograph.

So all in all this week has been pretty pants. On this note, I have decided that I need to ramp up my requests for newspapers.


The Reading Evening Post has the website Ok, I will get reading just after I have finished writing this. I also know that 2008 was the national year of Reading, from a flyer that I picked up recently in the local library.

It was a good year for Reading last year.

On the getreading Website there is a poll to ask people what they think should happen to the old swimming baths. You have to place your vote in the typical way.

The results:

15% of the people that had taken the effort to vote want the Askett Hawk Hotel, 65% want the KMC restoration plan, 14% want it bulldozed, and a staggering 9% of people voted ‘I don’t really care’.

Now this newspaper, based in the Home Counties, must offer up some great prizes. I mean take the Bowl’s final from Essex as a prime example. I thought that I would bypass the effort of getting a newspaper from them, by looking for competitions on the website: none there. I will have to try a different tack when asking for them to send me a newspaper, given my lack of success from Bedford Today. I will give them a ring tomorrow.